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Skinnskatteberg gymnasium. Estetic orientation 2 years
Nyckelvikskolan Lidingö. Images information 1 year
Private studies for the artist Harvey Cropper 4 years
Life 55 years

I live after the principle "The road is the goal". There have been many goals and part goals, and the roads to reached and unreached goals have been comprehensive.
In my pictures I'm trying to pass on what I have recieved in meetings and experiences, also to some extent the metaphysical aspect in life.
Like "The Fool" in the symbolic world of the Tarot cards I traveled with the faith and naivity of a child. I've ended up in many different situations and met a lot of different kinds of people. My images have primarily been shaped after those travels and meetings.

After hitchhiking back and forth in Sweden and Europe I traveled in a caravan with street artists in Switzerland 1983. Those magicians, musicians and other performers who I got to at that time are picturized in a number of paintings.

In 1984 I met the painter Harvey Cropper (1931-2012) and had the unvaluable advantage of getting lessons from him during four awesome years. Harvey Cropper was like a living encyclopedia and besides painting he did share a lot of knowledge and wisdom.

In 1984 I got the chance to follow to Jan Jonsson to San Quentin prison, and I had the opportunity to participate in rehearsals and and the opening of "Waiting for Godot", performed by inmates at the prison. Did sell some drawings from the rehearsals to BBC. Apart of that I had the classical "incomeless artist" jobs, waitressing, bartender a s o. I also did some portraits and other commisions for restaurants for my survival. Today I still remember that time as the most intense and valuable in life experience I've been through. The inmates teached me more about life, about staying real and the value of life than anybody else, neither before or after my time there.

When I was back in Sweden I started an artist collective with an open gallery and an art trade store.
1991 I got my son and the pace of life got slower. In 1993 I produced a theatre performance for children from the former Yugoslavia who came to Sweden as refuges. They performed with swedish children to raise the understanding betweem the refuges and the Swedish children since the climate against foreigners where rather tensed in Sweden at that time. After that I worked on a documentary, financed by the Swedish Filminstitute.
Nowadays I do paintings on commission and had my latest exhibition, "Dreams and Mythology" in 2015.